Finance Managers

किसिम:-Full Time - स्थान:- Humla -तलव:-NRs 20,000-30,000
प्रकाशित मिति २०७५-१०-२८ - अन्तिम मिति २०७५-११-८

The successful applicant will be responsible for leading overall management of a guest house located in Kupondole, with a particular focus on profitability and maintenance of healthy finances and promotion and brand strengthening across Nepali and European customers.

Agricultural Technicians

किसिम:-Full Time - स्थान:- Rupandehi -तलव:-< NRs 10,000
प्रकाशित मिति २०७५-११-१ - अन्तिम मिति २०७५-११-१५

Marketing    And  Customers Service (JTA )

Agricultural and Forestry Production Managers

किसिम:-Full Time - स्थान:- Rupandehi -तलव:-NRs 10,000-20,000
प्रकाशित मिति २०७५-११-१ - अन्तिम मिति २०७५-११-१५

Agriculture Related Marketing,